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Service Centre

ACME Limited successfully serves the pump repair and engineering needs 24 hours round the clock. We specialize in the evaluation, repair,  engineering and field assistance services as required to support the reliable operation of the various categories of pumps & DG Set.


We have the strong after sales service team network of more than 70 personnel to cater the various customer needs.

·   Carry out on site & off site services 24 hours round the clock.

·   Take up complete turnkey installation/commissioning.

·   Supervision of installation by company trained engineers.

·   Provide the product training in regular intervals.

Spare Parts


We keeps sufficient stock of spares of pumps and other accessories for efficient & prompt service. We also keep record of each & every pump supplied to all the client, which helps in servicing the pump and keeping spares in stock by their population.


Competent Service Personnel


Service Centre is consist of highly qualified and experienced company trained engineers/technicians, who not only repair but give complete satisfaction by identifying and analyzing the reason of failure.