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Description :

Hydro Pneumatic System consists of 2-6 high pressure multistage centrifugal pump sets, suction and delivery manifolds with valves, a base frame and suitable control panel. The system is pre-assembled, tested in the factory and ready for installation at the site. Based on system discharge and pressure rate, the control panel controls the number of pump sets to operate . Pressure tanks are connected to the delivery manifold to reduce the number of on/off of pump sets. The system consists of high quality pressure switches, pressure transmitter, pressure tank and other accessories. Hydro Pneumatic Systems are supplied with variable speed and also constant speed control panel.

Range :

Max Flow :

450 m3/hr

Max Head :

158 metres

Applications :

1. Fully automatic water supply
2. Pressure boosting in residential houses
3. Commercial and public buildings
4. Hotels, Hospitals, etc.