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Every component is designed and manufactured to deliver sustained high efficiency. Most solid objects entering the pump will pass through the impeller between the impeller vanes. Available with motors from 1.5 to 190kw, they are designed to handle sewage and drainage applications at municipal waste water utilities, Sewage pumping stations, Sewage treatment plants for large power and steel factories or any other large facilities like airports, railway stations, Ports. NS Series pumps are highly customisable and come with protections like Winding temperatures, Seal leakage detection, Dry run protection, Adjustable impeller heights. Moreover MBH with its innovative technology has developed High torque motors, which are unique in its own way.


Range up to : 1.5 kw to 190 kw
Head range : upto 120 m
Flow : upto 3000 m3/hr

Applications :

1. Domestic basements
2. Hotels
3. Hospitals
4. Municipals
5. Industrial